Marriage Brokers Scrutinized 국제결혼 희망자 신상 정보 검증 강화

토론: 국제결혼 희망자 신상 정보 검증 강화에 어떻게 생각합니까? Debate: What do you think of the additional measures to provide information about Koreans looking for marriage migrant spouses?

From the Korea Times: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2012/08/117_116446.html

08-01-2012 18:58    
Marriage brokers for overseas brides under greater scrutiny 
By Yun Suh-young

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said Wednesday it will implement stricter rules on interracial marriages brokered by matchmaking firms, mandating the companies to provide detailed personal information about Koreans looking for foreign spouses.

The measure comes amid concerns that many brokers have provided foreign women seeking to marry South Korean men with falsified records concerning the latter’s marital status, medical and criminal history.

Under the new rule, brokers of interracial marriages are required to have notarized documents from applicants, including any criminal and medical records.

The criminal records should include details of charges and convictions, and jail terms. Medical records have to be certified by a doctor.

Those opening a matchmaking agency are required to have capital of at least 100 million won. Also, information on such agencies must be posted on district, county, and city office websites.

Marriage brokers are banned from introducing partners who are under 18 years old and arranging group meetings.

Those who break the rules face up to 20 million won in fines or a maximum prison term of three years, according to the ministry.

Amid rising concerns over marriage practices between Korean men and foreign wives, especially from Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam has enacted strict measures to prohibit young Vietnamese women from marrying Korean men aged 50 or over.

Cambodia has also introduced tighter regulations, banning marriages between Cambodian women and Korean men over the age of 50 with a monthly income of less than $2,550.

The ministry said unregistered brokers are prohibited from putting up advertisements for interracial marriages.

“Inaccurate and unchecked information on marriage partners has contributed to the increase of divorces, desertions and physical assault cases among interracially married couples,” a ministry official said. “A mandatory release of personal information about partners adopted in 2010 has played a vital role in guaranteeing honest marriages.”

Since 2010, brokers have been obligated to reveal personal information, including past marriage records, health condition, job status, and criminal records, before an arrangement is made between a Korean man and a foreign woman. The number of interracial marriages decreased in 2011 to 22,265 from 26,274 in 2010.

국제결혼 희망자 신상 정보 검증 강화

여성가족부는 개정된 결혼 중개업의 관리에 관한 법령이 2일 시행됨에 따라 결혼 중개업자를 통해 국제결혼을 하려는 사람에 대한 신상 정보 검증을 강화한다고 1일 밝혔다.

이에 따라 여성부는 결혼 전 상대에게 제공하는 신상정보 서류에 대한 공증 절차를 의무화한다.

또 필수 제출 서류인 건강진단서는 정신 질환 검진 내용을 포함한 병원급 의료기관 발급 문서여야 인정한다.

범죄 경력의 제공 범위도 기존 성폭력·가정폭력·아동학대·성매매 알선 및 강요 관련 범죄에서 '최근 10년간 금고 이상의 형'을 받은 범죄로 확대한다.

더불어 여성부는 결혼 중개업자는 만 18세 미만인 사람을 소개하거나 집단 맞선 주선할 수 없도록 막는다.

국제결혼중개업체의 책임을 강화하기 위해 자본금 1억원 이상을 보유한 국제결혼중개업자에 한해서만 등록을 허용하고, 국제결혼중개업체 현황을 시·군·구 홈페이지에 게시하는 공시제도를 도입한다.

이 외에도 영업정지 이상의 불법을 한 결혼중개업체의 자진폐업을 제한하고, 불법 미등록자의 국제결혼 표시·광고를 금지한다.

여성부는 "2003년쯤부터 급증한 국제결혼은 부정확한 정보제공과 단기·속성으로 이뤄져 가정폭력·가출·이혼 급증의 원인이 되기도 했다"며 "신상 정보 검증을 강화함에 따라 국제결혼 당사자의 상호 신뢰를 높일 수 있을 것으로 기대한다"고 전했다.

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