Magic Mike XXL Trailer - My Reaction

I just watched the Magic Mike XXL trailer:

This movie trailer treats me like Magic Mike's moves might erase my memory. I am sure that I can remember that the title is not just LARGE, it is Magic Mike XXL.

I don't need a power tool thrust to help me remember. Nor do I need that water bottle to stand in as ejaculate to understand that this film will try to emphasize sexual tension. But, you know, points for clarity, I guess *^.~*

But this begs the question, is there a Female Gaze? I feel like you're telling me where and how to look, Magic Mike.

So... basically, my body is metaphorically made into a machine, Joe shoots in my face, Mike pulls my hair... and this is supposed to be erotic for female consumers of this film? This and 50 Shades of Gray are our mainstream and popular sex stories?

I guess I don’t hate it that much, I’m just disappointed. This really isn’t creative.