Yoon is NOT in a 'sex scandal'

South Korea is not humiliated by a 'sex scandal.'
South Korean English dailies and reports are calling the recent accusation of buttocks grabbing by Yoon a sex 'scandal' but doing so overlooks the fact that this was not consentual sexual contact. It is important to distinguish sexual assaults from sex scandals.
Here is a great media education tool by The Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Children and Young Women which discusses the damaging misuse of the term sex scandal.
In particular, the term sex scandal diminishes the seriousness of the crime.
According to Yonhap News, "Yoon, 56, was accused of grabbing the buttocks of his temporarily hired secretary" and did so "without her permission." He was also accused of "presenting himself naked to her."
The consentual sex in the Shanghai diplonatic mission might be called a sex scandal. The Villa bribery case might be called a sex scandal (although some reports indicate there was blackmail involved).
The pending case in which Yoon is accused of indecent exposure and grabbing an intern's buttocks, is not a sex scandal.

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