Testing Park's 'psychological symptoms'

The Hankyoreh ran a cartoon on 2013.01.18 which they have since translated into English, but without completely describing the text. The cartoon depicts a psychology test like those popularized in magazines. Below is the cartoon as presented by the newspaper:

A test of Park’s psychology

Here is the Hankyoreh's translation/explanation of the cartoon in English:
President-elect Park Geun-hye stands on a square that represents her election campaign pledges to expand welfare. Park is now at a crossroads and will need to decide her next step. The men on the left represent the conservative media and politicians who are urging Park to trim back the generous welfare promises she made, saying that the budget for the measures can’t be found. The square to Park’s left represents keeping the promises regardless of the difficulties, which is the type of politician that she is trying to present herself as. (by Jang Bong-goon)
However, the English translation provided doesn't capture the full criticism represented by the 해석 / psychological test interpretation written upside down at the bottom of the cartoon. This text roughly states (my imperfect translation):
If Park modifies pledges, she is instructed as follows:Your symptoms to avoid: having an earnest heart of gold.
The cartoon implies that either Park is dishonest and lacks goodness, or that she does the right  (difficult) thing and is authentically representing herself as President-elect. 

What do you think about Korea's social welfare system? About Park Geun-hye's pledges and the feasibility of proposed policies? 

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