Will Abe 'revise' the Kono Statement on Comfort Women?

What is in store for Korea-Japan relations after the elections this month? The New York Times suggests that Abe may try to alter or recant Japan's apology for mobilizing sex slaves.
"The Kono Statement — named for the chief cabinet secretary who issued it, Yohei Kono — has long been a sore point for Japanese rightists, who deny either that the women were coerced or that the military had a hand in forcing them to become what many Japanese euphemistically call “comfort women.” These critics include Mr. Abe, who has repeatedly called for revising the statement, most recently during an internal Liberal Democratic Party election in September."
Denying the mobilization of colonial subjects for war and sex will not change the truth. Give it a rest, Abe.

What do you think is in store for Korea-Japan relations? 

Image Credit: LA Times

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